Care & Nursing Home Furniture

At Triangle Interiors we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality Care and Nursing Home furniture. Our team is skilled in selecting the very best furniture and fabrics for all manner of healthcare environments, always putting the needs and requirements of the client and the comfort of the resident at the forefront.

Here you’ll find dining tables and chairs, lounge seating and bedroom furniture in an assortment of styles and a wide range of fabrics & all designed with the care market in mind. Triangle Interiors are guaranteed to assure you by offering the latest nursing home furniture at the lowest possible prices.

Care Home Furniture Supplier

Our staff are always available to help you to choose the right care home furniture. We offer a fast, efficient service and we will answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out more about our range of care home reception, bedroom, dining and lounge furniture products. You can also find out more about the services we offer to the health care sector.

Finding the Right Care Home Furniture Supplier

Here at Triangle Interiors we understand the many requirements of that nursing and residential homes have as regards care home furniture. We know that our clients need to find a balance when choosing products from us. Firstly, nursing home furniture such as beds, tables and chairs all have to meet the high standards of durability that nursing homes need. Along with this, seating, chairs and beds all need to be particularly comfortable, as they will be used substantially more than domestic furniture normally is. Not only this, but all our care home furniture is also chosen for their aesthetic qualities, so they add to the quality of life of residents and staff.

Nursing Home Dining Furniture

Triangle Interiors offer a wide range of dining furniture for both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Our dining tables and chairs are constructed using solid beech wooden frames and our tables are supplied with a laminate surface, to offer an attractive finish, combined with excellent wear resistance. All tables are available in a choice of wood finishes and in various sizes. Our beech dining chair are also available in a wide selection of durable fabrics.

Nursing Home Lounge Furniture

Furthermore our staff are at hand to assist you in selecting the right furniture for bedrooms, lounges, dining areas, recreation rooms and reception areas. We provide a friendly service with minimal stress and respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible. If you would like to take a look at our available stock of nursing home furniture (care home furniture), or would like more information contact us today.
Finance options are available with our Nursing Home furniture.

Nursing Home Bedroom Furniture

We provide a wide range of bedroom furniture, available in a large choice of durable finishes. Our Nursing Home Furniture ranges are supplied with soft rounded corners, microbial finishing lacquers, to aid easy clean and hygiene, large visual metal handles and 170° door hinges. All of our Nursing Home Furniture is manufactured in the U.K. and is supplied with a 5 year guarantee. We also carry a wide range of beds and mattresses, including breathable, waterproof fabric mattresses and orthopaedic mattress.